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Since childhood days, Sruthi Jayachandran took immense interest in art and craft works. The school that she attended always motivated its students to express their creativity in the form of artworks. Later on in life, Sruthi decided to take her interest in arts to the next level and started her own personalized gift store The BIG BOX Theory on September 21, 2015. Sruthi is presently pursuing Visual Communication at Women’s […]

How Sruthi Jayachandran and The BIG BOX Theory is making the special occasions in a person’s life even bigger!

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In the last few years, the ways of shopping have transformed to a large extent. Even in the last decade, we were required to visit the offline stores to purchase any product. Those who wanted to get the best deal and the best price on a product had to visit multiple stores. And, bargaining on the prices with the shopkeepers was much necessary. However, with the gradual boom in the ecommerce […]

How comparometer can help you get the best deals by comparing the online and the offline prices of a product!

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Mumbai-based Sugandham Organics started its journey in April 2016 with a noble vision. The objective was to help the underprivileged section of the society earn a decent income for their living. The company manufactures a wide range of organic aromatic products. And, all of them are handcrafted by people belonging to the low earning families. Sugandham Organics was founded by 5 young minds – Ekta Thakker, Punit Thakker, Aman Maheshwari, Srithi […]

How Sugandham Organics, an Indian fragrance brand is helping the underprivileged people to live their life with dignity and pride!

Funstay, Travel, Unique Experiential Stays, Experiential Accommodation Provider, Traveller, Bengaluru
Bengaluru-based startup Funstay started as a travel information website and homestays aggregator in early 2015. Later on, it shifted to a more viable and value adding model of providing unique experiential stays to travellers. The main persons behind Funstay share a mutual passion for travel. And, all of them had stable corporate jobs before they decided to kick-start their journeys as entrepreneurs. For the founders – Nitin Agrawal, Anurag Agrawal, Parag […]

Funstay – How 4 travel enthusiasts are helping travellers with their startup!

Arabic Dessert Kunafa, Kunafa Dessert, Kunafa, Foodeementals, Zuber Barudgar, Sufyan Qureshi, Mumbai, Cream Kunafa, Cheese Kunafa, Kunafa Minis
If you want to please yourself with the exotic Arabic Dessert Kunafa in Mumbai, then, Foodeementals can be a good option for you. Foodeementals is the brainchild of Sufyan Qureshi and Zuber Barudgar. Sufyan is a 28-year-old Management Graduate and has an experience of around 8 years in corporate recruitments. He is also the co-founder of Mumbai-based HR solutions firm The HR Window. On the other hand, Zuber is 34 […]

Want to please yourself with Kunafa Dessert? Foodeementals can be a good option for you in Mumbai!

Pastry Maniaa, Monisha Sudakar, Home Baker, Baker, Home Baker in Chennai, Chennai, Desserts, Baking Tips, Baking Ingredients, Cakes, Cake, Jar Cakes
Monisha Sudakar, the founder of Pastry Maniaa, is a talented, young home baker in Chennai. She is also the recipient of Zomato’s Best Home Baker Award for the year 2015. Monisha is only 20 years old, and she graduated in Sociology from Stella Maris College this year. If you ask her to choose between a corporate job or baking as a profession, she would pick the latter option any day. […]

When talent meets baking – Monisha Sudakar of Pastry Maniaa shares her story!

Rupaiya Exchange, Rohan Hazrati, Peer to Peer Lending, Peer to Peer Lending in India, P2P Lending, Startup, FinTech Startup
With India gradually moving towards becoming a technologically advanced country, many new startup business concepts are evolving. A concept can lead to the strong foundation of a business only when it can solve a big problem. One such concept that has a great potential to become a success is the Peer to Peer lending. Rupaiya Exchange, a startup based in New Delhi, India is entirely based on this P2P lending concept. […]

How Peer to Peer Lending marketplace Rupaiya Exchange is transforming the traditional financial system in India!

Global Cake Toppers, Anjali Tambde, Cake Toppers, Dublin, Ireland, Cakes, Cake, Sugarcraft Sculpting
There are many ways to achieve success. And, the most important ones are hard work, patience and the ability to learn from the failures. Nobody can replace them with any other alternatives. Anjali Tambde has all these qualities which eventually helped her to become a successful entrepreneur. Anjali has mastered the art of sugarcraft sculpting which has also fetched her many accolades from all around the world. Being a qualified […]

Global Cake Toppers, a journey towards flawless Sugarcraft Sculpting – The story of Anjali Tambde!

Kashmir, Kashmiriwala, Kashmir Unrest, Separatist Leaders, Separatists, Stone Pelting, Unemployed Youth, Kashmiri Youth, Hindu, Indian Hindu, Muslim, Pakistani Muslim, Azad Kashmir, Demonetization
They call me Kashmiriwala. There are also many people who call me Shawlwala. I have many more names. But, nobody remembers me by my good name. Sometimes I feel that the borders are dividing us. By borders, what come first in our minds are some international lines that separate a country from another one. But, the definition of borders is even more for my country. If you look at the Indian […]

This man from Kashmir dreams of an India without borders!

Online Healthcare Startups in India
India still doesn’t have enough doctors. The patients to doctor ratio in the country are quite high. And, the healthcare ecosytem in India is far from being ideal. However, situations are gradually improving for a better India with every passing day. To solve some of the major existing problems in the healthcare segment many Indian startups are venturing into this space. The existence of online healthcare startups in developed countries […]

These Online Healthcare Startups in India are driving a much needed Change!

Niranjana Ashok, Cake o' Clock, Baking, Coimbatore, Cake, Cakes, Home Baker, Cake Designs
For 23-year-old Niranjana Ashok, the one thing that inspired her to become a professional home baker was her love for colours. If you give her a blank canvas, she would paint it with her imagination. And, the end product would be a beautiful cake. Earlier this year Niranjana Ashok started her dream baking venture Cake o’ Clock. Her journey as an entrepreneur has not even crossed one year. However, within […]

Entrepreneur at 23! Inspiring story of Cake o’ Clock’s Niranjana Ashok…

Cake d'Arte, Annie Varghese, Baking, Austin
Cake d’Arte, founded by Annie Varghese, is a home-based bakery based in Austin. It started journey in 2013. The objective of Cake d’Arte right from the beginning was to make the special happenings of a person’s life extra special. Every edible art creations of Cake d’Arte are crafted with love, hard work and happiness. Annie believes that all her cakes are unique. Each one of them has their individual stories and […]

Cake d’Arte: How Annie Varghese is telling stories with her Edible Cake Arts!

Sugar Monkeys, Professional Baker, Cindana Manickavel, Home Baker, Baker, Home Bakers in Chennai, Baking Recipes, Cake, Cakes, Baking
26-year-old Cindana Manickavel, the founder of Sugar Monkeys, never thought she would become a professional baker one day. Cindana played professional tennis for a couple of years. She even took part in many ITF and WTA tournaments. But repeated injuries shortened her career as a professional tennis player. She was only 18 when she had to discontinue playing the sport. Later on, she coached kids mini tennis and studied Public Relations […]

From playing professional tennis to becoming a home baker, Sugar Monkeys’ Cindana Manickavel has an inspiring story!

Fabulously Desi by Richa.S, Richa Shah Satiya, Jewellery Designing, Designer, Diamonds, Jewellery Designer, Indian Karigiri, Clutches, Potlis, Embroidered Clutches
Richa Shah Satiya was born and brought up in a diamond merchant’s family. As a child, she always had the urge to know about diamonds. The intricate designs of the diamond jewelleries would always fascinate her. Richa started working since the age of 18. This was her first step towards becoming a self-dependent woman. However, she didn’t want to restrict herself to a job and always dreamt of becoming a successful […]

Designing is my life and my life is designing! Richa Shah Satiya of Fabulously Desi by Richa.S narrates her entrepreneurial story!

Chaska Box, Chaska Box - Wrapped with Happiness, Aayushi Khandelwal Lakkar, Home Bakery, Home Baker, Cakes, Cupcakes, Desserts, Baking, Baking Cakes, Cake, Cake Baking Recipes, Baking Recipe, Sweets, Chocolates, Lavonne Institute of Baking and Science, City & Guilds
For Aayushi Khandelwal Lakkar, venturing into the professional world of baking was never in her plans. She was born and raised in a family where nobody likes sweets. Aayushi herself is not much fond of eating sweets. But ironically, she is now a professional home baker who makes cakes and chocolates. It all happened because of the family where she got married. Everybody in her in-laws’ house loves sweets which […]

Chaska Box – Wrapped with Happiness: Aayushi Khandelwal Lakkar shares her story…

Stollen N Guilty, Bake Cakes, Baking, Caking, Cake, Singapore, Cake Artist, Smitha Arun 1
If you are in search for the best cakes in Singapore, then, we have a reference for you. We would advice you to get in touch with an architect. You must be thinking we have gone mad that we are referring an architect to make cakes for you. You may even wonder how an architect is related to cakes! Well, if the architect’s name is Smitha Arun then there is every […]

An architect who can also bake cakes! Smitha Arun of Stollen N Guilty shares her story…

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A few years back, a friend of mine was looking for a shared workspace in Kolkata for his business. His company’s revenue went down significantly because of some bad decisions. To boost the figures, he concentrated on cutting down the expenses. The rent of the existing office space was affecting the revenues badly. My friend who was well aware of the shared workspace concept thought of shifting to a coworking […]

EasyDaftar: How a Father-Son duo is helping entrepreneurs with their Coworking Office Spaces in Kolkata!

Hew and Frost, Mridula Ganesan, Chennai, Baking, Cake, Cakes, Cake Artist, Baker
Chennai-based home baker Mridula Ganesan is an young achiever. At the age of 21, she makes beautiful cakes. Not only they look good and tempting, they taste even better. Her baking venture, Hew and Frost, which started operations early this year has already managed to grab significant attention from the cake lovers in Chennai. But the interesting part of Mridula’s story is, she is just not a baker. She is […]

At the age of 21, she is already an achiever! Mridula Ganesan of Hew and Frost has an inspiring tale!

Online Pharmacies, Healthcare, E-commerce, Prescription Drugs, Prescription Medicines, Medicines, DCGI, Drug Controller General of India, Snapdeal
The increasing usage of smartphones in India has led to significant growth in the number of internet users in the country. According to a couple of research reports and surveys, in 2016, almost 35% of India’s population uses internet. The number would further shoot up in the coming years. Even a few years back, we couldn’t have imagined that almost anything can be bought online. The boom in the e-commerce […]

Online pharmacies selling prescription drugs is illegal, strict regulatory framework to be implemented soon – Drug Controller General of India (DCGI)